Sunday, June 18, 2006


9G2 Homework


9W3 Homework

Problems involving money

1. A drink and a box of popcorn together cost 90p.
Two drinks and a box of popcorn together cost £1.45.
What does a box of popcorn cost?

2. Six friends went to a Chinese restaurant.
The total cost for the set menu was £75.
How much would the set menu cost for eight people?

3. This is what a stationery shop charges for printing a book.
Print charges
3p per page
75p for the cover
Jan paid £4.35 for his book, including its cover.
How many pages were there in his book?

4. A supermarket sells biscuits in these packets:

15 biscuits for 56p
24 biscuits for 88p
36 biscuits for £1.33
Which packet is the best value for money?

Thursday, June 15, 2006


8W4 Homework

Numbers from digits

Using three of the four digits below make three-digit numbers e.g. 194, 714

1 4 7 9

1 The largest number is

2 The smallest even number is

3 The largest odd number is

4 The number nearest to 700 is

5 The number nearest to 800 is

6 The number nearest to 200 is

7 The number nearest to 300 is

8 The number nearest to 500 is

9 A number that can be exactly divided by three is

Friday, June 09, 2006


Puzzle No.1

If you have two sand-filled timers, one for 11 minutes and one for 7 minutes. How would you use them to time 15 minutes without wasting any time at the start?

Thanks to Jon Millington


9W3 Homework

The mathematician Pierre de Fermat (1601-65) discovered that some prime numbers are the sum of two square numbers. For example

Investigate this for other prime numbers.


9G2 Homework

Consider the formula

When n=1, P=17, which is a prime number.
Investigate for other values of n.

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